August 29, 2013


The good news first?

After three weeks we finally got our recommends renewed and went to the temple! Oh how good it feels to go back. It was definitely much needed. I'm so grateful for the temple. I'm so grateful I live 10 minutes away from the temple. I'm so grateful for the beauty and peace that comes inside the walls of the temple. Definitely my favorite place to go with my sugar. 

The not so good news...

So it's definitely not bad news, but it's more like bittersweet news. Cameron started school this past week. I KNOW. Goodbye summer vaycay and hello no life cray-cray. My sched hasn't changed much, but Cam is SLAMMED. Seriously, he looks like a zombie these days (but a cute one). He's got full time work, full time school and tons of other husbandly duties. Like chick flicks. And telling me I'm beautiful. 

Seriously, you don't think I make him watch chick flicks do you? And the beauty praises, he does that on his own. He makes me feel better about myself even though I am so self-critical. But for real guys, he's been taking on lots of other duties outside of school and work. He's just a rock star. Couldn't ask for a better hub. 

Really, though, no one is taking this hard but me I'm pretty sure. Exhibit A: 

This getting home at 9 and doing more work till bedtime business is not exactly my favorite. It's nothing new, but I sure didn't want to stop enjoying the little extra time we had together this summer. 

The good part about all this? HE. IS. ALMOST. DONE. WITH. SCHOOL. Just gotta push through this last semester! What an accomplishment. I'm a proud Bear. Plus, school is always good. He learns so much and we're excited for him to have his degree. 

Usually this time of year I get sad but then super excited because I know the holidays are coming up. Seriously, I love the sun and summertime (or it loves me?), but from now until December is my favorite time of the year! Anyway, hope you all had a lovely summer. I'm gonna try to enjoy the warm weather while I can ;) 

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