August 15, 2013

I can't believe I actually miss being a student

Walks & Talks Are Good For The Soul

So I am not feeling so great. I am dosed up on NyQuil and lots of other good stuff. Who gets colds in the summertime? I do. Though it is usually quite uncommon for me.. so my luck has just been awesome lately. Anyway, this could be an interesting post with my loopy mind hungry for some sleep.

I have not had the desire to write a post for a while. This past week and a half has not been the greatest. You know, rainy days have to happen. And, well, everyone has them. I just seem to be having lots of them lately. BUT it's little moments like the ones I'm about to tell that make everything seem okay and.. well, give me some inspiration to write even though I'd rather be knocked out! 

So we decide it's one of those "let's take a drive" kind of evenings. We get this feeling when we need to just spend some wholesome time together or clear our heads. The other night was one of those "let's go clear our heads" kind of an evening. So we hop in the Optima and cruise around town. We start circling campus and get the idea of taking a quick stroll through those golden Cougar streets. I'm definitely up for it! Shoot, once I had my gap and gown on I ran like the wind, so I think it was finally time for me to go back and pay my dues. 

Besides the construction mess on the east side, BYU's campus was just as beautiful as ever. Cam and I reminisced of all the memories we had as students--before he became a wolverine of course (cougars are so much better btw--yes, we argue about this). We walked all around campus talking about all the buildings and each memory we had in them. So many late nights studying until our brains were mush, working in the SWKT at 4:00 am every morning for cleaning duty, living off of the vending machines, piano playing in the Wilk, Jamba Juice runs, and the best of all? 

Medieval role playing. 
Only at BYU.

Yes.. despite the fact that I enjoy not coming home to a pile of homework, I actually really miss being a student. I miss the feeling of being on campus and embracing the excitement and possibility. I miss those late nights with friends and ice cream and hot tubbin'. There were a lot less worries then and now I feel like I have to officially be an adult now (darn). Oh don't get me wrong, I am quite content and there is still plenty of fun, late nights, possibility, and excitement going on.. but it is different now. College was fun and most importantly, it provided me with an education that will always be valuable to me. We did enjoy our lovely walk through the BYU park. Oh very much so. 

Our kids will wear "Y" onesies. We will be those parents. 

Anyway, the moral of the story is: Take a walk. A walk down the street, in a park, through the woods, or a stroll down memory lane. Anyway you have it, it is good for the soul. 


  1. This post is chicken soup for my soul. Aw Ker.

    1. Aw. I love those Chicken Soup books. I used to read them all the time. I need to get them when I get home--I need 'em :(


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