July 22, 2013

Traveling, Traveling, Traveling!

We're just a couple of kids. 


This summer has been full of lightning-fast, spontaneous traveling! Two weeks ago, we visited Blue Mesa, Colorado for a day in a half (about 6 hours from Provo) for a camping trip. And we've done several mini weekend vacays to New Mexico. Upon such travels, we have realized that if we had children right now.. they would suffer on our road trips! 

Let's just first talk about our trip to Colorado. We pretty much just came home Friday after work, threw a suitcase together then headed out late in the afternoon. We forgot to print our insurance card, so we had to run back for that, but don't worry, I remembered the important stuff like candy. 

Normally when we travel, we do it in long enough gaps to where we forget how tiring, long and boring the drive there is. We start looking forward to getting away for a little while and get excited about all the time we get to spend together talking and telling old stories. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE having this time together, but I usually end up promising Cameron I will take a turn driving and I end up snoring a big chunk of the way instead. Poor Cam. There's just something about staring at an empty highway that puts me right to sleep!

Yeah, our trip to Colorado wasn't much different. However, I was wide awake around 11:00 PM because we got caught in a pretty bad thunder storm. Yeah, we probably should have prepped our suitcase at least a day before so we could've left earlier and avoided it. But nope, we like feeling rushed and setting up our tent in the middle of the night in the rain! Okay, so it stopped raining by the time we got there, but it was dark (and our little lantern wasn't the most effective). Good thing are tent is so simple and requires no eyesight to set up.

FIRST REASON WHY OUR KIDS WOULD SUFFER: they would have nothing prepared for them. No food. Probably would forget their clothing. And we'd all have to fit in a two-man tent. 

We woke up Saturday morning and it was definitely worth the trip! It was crisp, the sky was blue, and we actually could see the scenery! Blue Mesa was gorgeous! We did a little morning run around the campsite and ran into a very fat Garfield house cat.

My mom, dad, Papa, Pinky & her husband Jason, Aunt Shirley, Uncle John, Ashley (and her babies), Tyson, Aunt Nat, Michael, TJ, and Aimee were all there. During the day, we visited Black Canyon. Very, very beautiful. This was my first time there. My dad said that they went when he was a kid. As usual, I went picture crazy!

Cameron and I at the top of the Canyon. 

I love my Papa!

Titch: that's a long way down..

Cameron, me, Mom, & Dad

Michael, TJ, & Papa looking down. 

After we came back from Black Canyon, we spent some time relaxing and cooking up dinner. Cameron and I also went out and did some exploring, and guess what?? We found a little store that had ice cream cones! Pure bliss. 

The next day Dad took us fishing and I wish I took my camera because there were a million boats out there trying to catch salmon! No one had much luck, though. We headed home right after that. 

Yeah, it was quick one, but we were glad to spend some time with family! 

New Mexico. 

We just returned from another trip home this past weekend for Brittany's baby shower and my cousin Pinky's wedding reception. This time we packed our bags the day before, and I got work off for Friday so we actually had one extra day this time. The trip was still long, boring, and tiring, but we made it in really good time. We only had to make one stop in G-town to fill up for the rest of the time we had in Ramah. Yeah, our Optima is bomb. 


Anywhoo, we arrived around 11:30-11:45ish and found that Marli, Brittany, and Lisa were all still up making cute little party favors for the shower the next day. It was late so they were all acting goofy and slap happy! Best time for us to walk in ;)

THIRD REASON WHY OUR KIDS WOULD SUFFER: Forget about having them on any kind of schedule. They're on Cameron and Keri time. 

Brittany's baby shower theme was ocean/whale/under the sea (sorry Brittany I probably butchered that), and they all did a really beautiful job preparing for it. Lots of ladies came, and Brittany got lots of cute stuff for baby Han. It was so fun!

This little guy stole the show. Adorable! Marli and her baby head carving skills!

Writing Han some "Whale Wishes"

The beautiful mommy-to-be

Gift opening. 

We're so happy we got to come and be a part of this special day for Brittany and Daniel. We can't wait to meet baby Han! 

I'll have to get some pictures from my dad of Pinky's reception. I forgot my camera, so that's nothing new. 

She looked beautiful and we had fun eating delicious Filipino food, decorating, watching a slideshow and enjoying company with family and friends. 

Also, this little number showed up too--made my day!

Yeah, pretty exhausting, eventful weekend, but it was so fun! 

FOURTH REASON WHY OUR KIDS WOULD SUFFER: 1,000 car rides between both grandparents' houses. 

Okay, so obviously we would think about all of these things if we had little ones with us. But for now, we're just a couple of kids having fun pulling all-nighters and planning (or NOT planning) crazy road trips.

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