July 11, 2013

Much Delayed Cancun Pics and Recent Events

Off topic...

So I wanted to begin this  post with a picture of Cam with an Alfalfa hairdo because it is the epitome of pure happiness and could only brighten the saddest days... but that kind of humiliation is not tolerated in my house!

Besides recent news, let's get to the Cancun pictures from March shall we?

The view from our room^

I debated on this one ^ But it's just too funny I could not resist. 

I literally took 1.5 million pictures in Cancun, so these are the few gems I decided to throw out since I figured people didn't want to look at every angle of the Mayan ruins. You get the gist! It was SO fun! We learned a bunch of really neat things while we were there and it was so beautiful. 

4th of July

We had a lovely 4th of July. We were both off work so it was party time from sun up to sun down! Only kidding. But it was very nice. I love the Fourth. I'm so grateful for the birth of our country and for the freedoms we have. We enjoyed watching the parade in downtown Provo and checking out the Freedom Festival. We rested most of the day after that and then decided last minute to go to the Stadium of Fire. It's been a few years since we've gone so it was really exciting! We're thinkin about making it a tradition!

Sitting on the grass watching the Parade in Provo

One of the many floats

Stadium of Fire:

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Let freedom ring!

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