March 14, 2013

We Bleed True Blue

Go Cougars!

Before I graduated, I sadly made the decision not to get an all-sports pass for my last year because I catered at all of the football games anyway and there would be little time to make it to all of the other sports events. We watch games on TV when we have time, but we decided we should make it to one ball game at the Marriott Center. We picked Gonzaga. 

And we just happened to pick seats in the midst of all the Gonzaga fans! Nice.

We totally expected a blowout, but heck no! It kept us on the edge of our seats the entire game! We unfortunately lost, but it was sure worth the traffic and crowd-fighting. 65-70 was the final score.

Shout out to all you Cougar fans out there!

On other matters...

We just returned from a short trip to Cancun, Mexico. I have a million-bajillion photos to sort through so I will definitely be posting a big one on this soon! I'm excited to share our experiences and hopefully hear about your summer plans. For now, here's a sneak peak: 

The view from our room! Cam took this panoramic shot with his phone.

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