March 3, 2013

Service and Friendship

We have some incredibly cute nephews!

We just started a baby sitting gig with our sweet nephews, Hayden, Xander and Wyatt. We are hoping to come watch them every other week so that Marli and Tyler can go on date or temple nights. It's just Cameron and me right now, so it's a real treat for us to come watch these sweet boys while mom and dad can go out and have some fun! Though I have only been in their lives for a short while, it's so precious to watch them grow and be in their presence as much as possible. Wyatt is getting so big!

That face is toooo much I wanna kiss it!!
 Xander and Hayden are so handsome.

I Love to See the Temple

Speaking of temple night, Cameron and I have committed going every week. It's been our goal for a long time, but we've had weird patterns.. We'd go every week for a while, then skip a week or two. Then there'd be times where we only got there once a month. Everyone is different and everyone is on different schedules, but we've realized that there is no reason for us not to make this happen. We have it in our schedules now and it does not budge unless we need to move it to a different day in the week. So far it's been amazing, and we realize how important it is for strengthening our little family. Plus, we live in Utah. Need I say more? Every day I am incredibly thankful that we have so many temples surrounding us when some people travel for days to get to the nearest temple. Thursdays have been the best days for us to go since Cam doesn't have class and I don't have any evening obligations. We rotate doing initiatories, sessions, and sealings. The blessings of the temple are so powerful and awesome. All of the work is important for both the individuals we're doing it for and for us to be reminded of the promises we've made to Heavenly Father. I am so grateful.

We've also started a "Temple Journal." Thanks Lisa for giving us this idea! After we attend, we write down the names, dates, and places of the individuals we do the work for. We also write down any spiritual experiences we have while we're there. It's truly been an experience writing these names down and connecting with these special people--who may have been waiting for who knows how long?

One sealer shared something that really hit me. He talked about how Christ stood as proxy for us when He performed the Atonement and he referred to verse two in the hymn "The Day Dawn is Breaking": 

In many a temple the Saints will assemble
And labor as Saviors of dear ones away
Then happy reunion and sweetest communion 
We'll have with our friends in the beautiful day

Attending the temple and doing the work for those who have passed is a Christlike service.. I think on both sides. And what a sweet day it will be when we unite with our friends whom we have done the work for. I can't wait for temple night this week and for many weeks after! 


  1. What a beautiful post Keri!

    I think it's wonderful that you really understand what a blessing the temple can be and that you are making the effort to go so often. Corey and I have often lamented that we didn't take as much advantage of having a close temple (like you are doing!) when we lived in UT. Now we have to travel 3 hours to St. Louis, MO in order to go. So good for you for realizing it now!

    If we ever are so close to a temple again, we too will make it there once a week! Right now, once a month for us will have to do :)

    Lots of Love... and I'm so glad you are blogging and we are getting to know each other better again because of it...


    1. Thanks so much, Ashlee. I know, we really are lucky to be close to so many temples--I hope we stay consistent! I didn't know St. Louis was nearest temple to you! Crazy. Once a month is way awesome! I'm so glad too, I LOVE reading your posts.

      Take care sugar xoxo


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