February 21, 2013

Snowboarding & Valentine's Day

We ride Canyons

So Cameron and I try to hit the mountain at least once a week. Cam's hoping to go a little more often since he only has class two days a week. We've got student passes from Park City Mountain Resort the past two years, and Sundance the year before so we thought we'd try out Canyons. We've loved it so far and man are those heated ski lifts NICE! It's been a pretty snowy winter this year and we're taking advantage of it while it lasts. 

I ran in to some trouble a while back, however.. Details might not be necessary, but let's just say I was really close to diving head first off a cliff. Thank goodness for my board saving me and catching on a pole... SCARY! We agreed not to go down that way again. 

Lots of Lovin'

Valentine's Day was wonderful. I woke up super early to make some pink pancakes for Cam. I cut his bananas into heart shapes and added some strawberries, sprinkles, and strawberry syrup. He's such a good sport. I drug him out of bed at 6 AM so I could make him a special breakfast before I had to be at work at 7. Though a little groggy, he was so appreciative and sweet about it. At work we had some delicious homemade cookies and a sweet little note waiting for us on our desks. Later that day Cam picked me up and surprised me with a night in Salt Lake. He booked a hotel for us and had it all set up by the time we got there. We had cheesecake and sparkling cider waiting for us! We had fun and went out to dinner following a movie in our room. He also surprised me with edible arrangements, yum! (Wish I took a pic of it). 

Thought I'd do my nails for the occasion too! ;)

Anyway, hope you all had a good Valentine's Day and remember you are LOVED! 


  1. You two are too frekkin cute it makes me all twisted up everywhere in my body-heart

  2. Cute breakfast! I am ALL about festive food like that! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Ashlee. I LOVED the crepes you made as well! So adorable.


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