January 26, 2013

It's been a swift 6 months!

"The real challenge is to face your fear, keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride..."

I love how I get so pumped to do something and then 24 hours later I become totally uninspired. Well, it's been six months people and I'm back in inspiration mode! I'm ready to start blogging again, but let's hope this time it will last!

Well, first of all, here are the skydiving pictures I promised ages ago:

Right before we hopped in the plane

In the plane!

Getting ready to make the big jump!

The Jump! 14,500

Thumbs up!

My hair says it all...

After the chute came out

Cam's turn

Getting ready...

This is sweet!

Rockin it!

Landed safe and sound (:

As of late...

Since my last post, so much has happened... In August, we went to Lake Powell for a fun family vacation. Here's a few snapshots:

Our houseboat, the Amber Sunset.

 I graduated from BYU with my Bachelors in Sociology

I also got a job working with a company in Sandy, and we celebrated the wonderful holidays with family and friends. We spent Thanksgiving in Vegas with Cameron's family and Christmas with both our families in Ramah. 

So far, life still continues to be crazy and busy. It is weird/nice to not have anymore homework when I come home, but I'm excited for this new chapter in our lives. Cameron will be graduating from UVU this December and we are both very anxious and excited. We are also still very involved in snowboarding and strive to go to the mountain every week if we can.

Lesson of the day.. keep up with my blog because if it doesn't interest anyone else, I can at least feel happy that I'm recording chapters of our very simple but precious moments of life. 


  1. Keep going! It is how the aunties stay in touch and you should make sure Papa has a link :-)

    1. Aunt Shirley! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I'm glad some people are looking at it. I'll definitely make sure Papa has a link! Love you.

  2. Wow Keri! I had no idea your life is so adventurous! I'm totally jealous! How fun that you get to experience all these things and that you get to do it with your sweet, sweet hubby. I'm SO glad you left a note on my blog. I really miss getting to see everyone, but I can definitely keep up on blogs! I am following you now! Keep posting :)

    1. Aw Thanks Ashlee! Yeah, it's not too crazy, but we feel so lucky we've been able to knock a few things off of our bucket list! Thanks for following, I feel more motivated now that I have a whopping 3 followers! Haha. It's such a good way to keep posted on each other's lives. I'll definitely keep up with yours too girly!

  3. Keep updating this because I am reading and watching every move you take and every sound you make I'll be watching you.

    1. You need to start a blog so I can stalk you. Plus, you are way too witty to keep all that in!


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