July 31, 2012

First Year Anniversary

Each Day Gets Better and Better!

We cannot believe it's already been one whole year since we've been married! Time has gone by so fast, and we are excited for the many years to come. Cam and I decided to celebrate this big day by embarking on an adventurous trip! First, we went skydiving in Moab, UT--jumping 14,500 feet out of a tiny plane! It was an insane sensation and the view was spectacular. It's an experience we'll never forget for sure! (We'll post more pictures once we get them!) 

After our fun in Moab, we ventured back home to New Mexico where we enjoyed two days of kayaking, white water rafting and delicious New Mexican food--which we missed very much! We also got to spend time with family and old friends, so it was a wonderful break from our busy lives. 

Orlando's restaurant in Taos

 Rio Grande

 Cameron, Jillian, & Justin all looking down from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

 Nothing like New Mexican skies!

On July 30, the actual day of our anniversary, we decided to pay a visit to the beautiful Salt Lake Temple--where it all began! We had a fancy dinner at The Roof restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and embraced the astounding view. The temple was closed for maintenance, so we couldn't do a session, but we were able to take pictures of the outside. The blessings that come from this beautiful building are truly real and it holds a profound and special place in our hearts. This is where our little family started!

View from The Roof!

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  1. I tell myself one day I will have a true love and we will be married on a mountaintop and there will be spriggins and garlands of fresh herbs and we will dance. And then our families will form a traveling band and we will tour the countryside.


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